Our Auto Light Dep Greenhouses

You spoke, we listened. We're adding to our menu, check it out. And still the best prices on the market!!

Double Frame Hoophouse

The original Double Frame Hoophouse comes standard with two hoop frames. The 24' width exterior frame with clear plastic offers superior protection for your auto dep & your plants inside the 20' width dep interior frame. The best deal in the biz!

Single frame Auto & Manual hoophouse

Because you asked, we delivered. These work well with some new ag exempt county regulations. See what your CA county requirements are here. This single frame hoophouse has the automation on the outside which allows you grow from wall to wall!

Backyard Greenhouse

Our Backyard Greenhouses comes standard with a door for security and offers the maximum square footage for your backyard growing endeavors. Whether you live in an urban or rural area this greenhouse line is perfect for you if you want to grow your own!