auto light dep greenhouse

$5,600- $11,750 Out the door! (shipping not included)

auto light dep greenhouse with interior frame

This Auto Light Dep Greenhouse was designed by an electrical engineer to:

be used on or off grid- choose from an AC or DC option
withstand regional growing climates
be the best value on the market

The complete Auto Light Dep Greenhouse includes:
One exclusive harvest controller, two motors, 4′ spacing between ribs, 16 gauge galvanized steel- 1 3/8″ OD, purlins & wind braces,  10 mil string reinforced plastic (rated 4 years), 7′ x 6′ door, lock down wiggle wire channel, wiggle wire, trusses, detailed downloadable PDF installation instructions.

Gamechanger! This turned my small, one harvest, boutique farm into a year round producer.

-Charlie F
Grants Pass, OR

Bonus Upgrades (valued at $300)
8 mil Americover BOLD string reinforced blackout plastic (was 6 mil)

Free Additions (valued at $3,900) anchors, end wall kit (including cover), manual roll up kit

-we provide you with value and protection-

We know that when you succeed we succeed, so our double frame Auto Light Dep Greenhouse sets you up correctly from the start & offers the highest protection for your plants!

Our Auto Light Dep Greenhouses come standard as a dual frame system. On the exterior is a 24ft width hoop house with opaque greenhouse plastic. Inside that frame is a 20ft width hoop house that supports your dep tarp & automated system. Our Automated Light Depo Greenhouses come standard with two frames to protect your dep from the wind. If you are in a moderate to high wind area, the wind can come along & ruffle your dep tarp- causing potential light leaks. 


Check out the AMAZING results our customer's have achieved with our Auto Light Dep Greenhouse! Use the arrows below to scroll through the gallery.

Yes- our pricing did change recently. We are now packing more value into each unit by adding additional wiggle channel to secure the greenhouse plastic, light lock ribs to make the dep more light proof, additional anchors and videos leading to a price increase. To learn more about the new benefits please click here.

Length | Price: [98' | $11,750], [96' | $11,400], [92' | $11,100], [88' | $10,800], [84' | $10,500], [80' | $10,150], [76' | $9,800}, [72' | $9,500], [68' | $9,200], [64' | $8,850], [60' | $8,500], [56' | $8,200], [52' | $7,900], [48' | $7,550], [44' | $7,200], [40' | $6,900], [36' | $6,600], [32' | $6,250], [28' | $5,900], [24' | $5,600]
*Prices do not include delivery fees, if applicable. Prices subject to change without notice.
**Please note these are non-code structures and not recommended for high wind or heavy snow
To place an order or get more info:
(707) 633-3786

Additional Info/Specs:
- 200 Watts required
- AC or DC. AC plugs into an electrical outlet. DC can be used with car batteries wired in series.
- Exterior 24 ft width greenhouse with clear plastic is 11.5 ft at the peak. Interior 20 ft width dep frame is 10 ft at the peak.

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