Introducing our 3 backyard

auto light dep greenhouses

We call them:



$5,000 - $6,000 Out the door! (shipping not included)


This Auto Light Dep Greenhouse was designed by an electrical engineer to:

be used on or off grid- choose from an AC or DC option
maximizing your grow space to maximize your harvests
be the best value on the market

-complete Backyard Auto Light Dep Greenhouse-

Our Backyard Auto Light Dep Greenhouses was designed by a grower, for growing enthusiasts. So you know you can count on them - day in and day out. As a grower, I designed them to make sure that they are reliable and simple to use.  

Here at Humboldt Light Dep we believe in doing things differently. We believe in taking care of our team and our customers, because let’s face it, the industry is known for overcharging and under delivering. So we made it a point to take care of our people by challenging how things stand in our industry. We do that by giving you the best prices on the market, superior materials, usable expertise in the field, being here when you call, and hey we just happen to make great auto light dep greenhouses for you. 

Well enough about us, let’s talk about our auto light dep greenhouses and what they can do for you.


Being able to harvest indoor quality weed multiple times a year is the only way to go, and light dep is how you pull that off, if you’re growing outside. 

Our greenhouses are designed to automatically do just that without having to pull tarp by hand. This shortcut frees you up to pay attention to what really matters, your plants and your family. This assures that you will be able to keep your plants in optimal health by giving them the hands-on attention that they need to thrive. Not only that, our automation will free you up so you can grow more because you have the time and effort not spent pulling tarp.

Our controller is designed to reliably work on or off grid. This allows you use our systems no matter where you grow. The controller has a timer in it that allows you to choose when you want it to open or close any time of the day.

This feature helps you prevent transplant shock, light pollution, or irregular open and close times. By avoiding all those potential problems, you will have bigger, denser plants, faster. 

Meaning you'll have faster harvests and more paydays.

-Blackout Plastic-

We chose to use a black white 9 mil polywoven blackout plastic because of its many benefits, and it is the industry standard!

This dep plastic is a true blackout plastic meaning that when your plants are fully covered, the plants experience a true night cycle. When (not if) your dep tarp gets a small hole or tear you can rest easy knowing that the woven plastic will minimize rips, tears, or runs in the dep tarp.

The white side is used on the outside to reduce heat build up in the dep, while the black side is used to absorb light to create a true night cycle for your plants (which helps your plants to produce heavier, denser flowers).

One of the secrets to speeding up your harvests is to minimize your transplant shock. Well this blackout plastic can help you in that process and speed up your transplants recovery time by a week or more. This is done by allowing your dep to only open halfway. The shade that this produces allows your plants the time to get their roots established and off and running after transplanting. That is why we use this particular dep tarp.

-Greenhouse Plastic-

Our greenhouse plastic is strong, durable and has been tested under the burning sun in the fields of Mexico for over four years straight and still going strong. This special blend of plastic is a 10 mil polywoven giving you all the same tear resistant benefits of our dep tarp.

The plastic has been specially UV treated to last 4 years and has 84% light transmissivity and is opaque to keep out prying eyes. This means it will create a great growing environment, that will protect your plants for years to come. Which saves you money because you don’t have to replace it year after year. The greenhouse plastic will also gather the heat in the cold months and protect your plant from wind and rain. All these benefits help speed your plants growth rate so you can get to harvest faster.

-Power Requirements-

The controller requires 200 watts to run and can either be run on or off grid. If you are growing off grid, the conversion is fast and simple.


The 4 Pounder

Is 8' wide by 12' long & cost $5,000

The 6 Pounder

Is 8' wide by 16' long & cost $5,500


The 8 Pounder

Is 8' wide by 20' long & cost $6,000


*Prices do not include delivery fees, if applicable. Prices subject to change without notice.
**Please note these are non-code structures and not rated for high wind or heavy snow


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Additional Info/Specs:
- 200 Watts required
- AC or DC. AC plugs into an electrical outlet. DC can be used with car batteries wired in series.
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