Why is Summer the Wedding Season?

I recently went to not one, but two weddings. On consecutive weekends & opposite ends of the country, no less. They couldn’t have been more different and yet the key elements were the same. One was a gay wedding in downtown San Francisco in a redwood grove (who knew!). The attendees were invited to dress as brides because there were obviously not going to be any brides in the ceremony. The other wedding was in Western Pennsylvania in the country. This wedding was a very traditional event, but no less spectacular. 

While each wedding was different the key elements were there: friends and family, a ceremony, professed love, great food, an open bar and a yummy wedding cake! 


I often wonder why weddings are in summer. Is it because of the warmer weather? Is it because schools out and people can get together easier? Or is it simply because that is the tradtion? Any way you slice it, a wedding is a great thing to bring people together old and young and to celebrate something meaningful. Whether you believe in marriage or not, if you have attended one where the 2 people coming together are truly in love you can feel it spill out on to you and thaw your iceberg of a heart (well that’s what happens to me anyways).

What I like about weddings is you know about them usually far in advance and you plan to take time off to attend. And if you are a grower in the middle of the busy season you know exactly how important it is to take a couple of days off here and there to help you to rest and recover from the daily bullshit of pulling tarp, listening to your partners/workers and just the daily routine of life on the hill.

At this point you might be wondering why I’m writing about weddings. Truth is I have no fucking clue except it was nice to go to them, because they were MY people. The last several weddings I went to, I was the plus one and my wife was the one who was invited.

I guess I’m at that age where not many of my people are getting married anymore. I’m 46 so that actually makes sense. I just hope the next wedding from one of my friends is local so I can tie one on and sleep in my bed!

Let me know if you’re getting married so I can congratulate you personally. And don’t invite me unless you’re local because I would have to bring my 4 year old and she will personally try to fuck up your ceremony with her cute antics. She tried during the last 2 weddings and I was the hero of those ceremonies because I dragged her ass far away before there was a scene! So I got to see the beginning of each one but not the ending. Boohoo! Still was worth it. 

Happy Summer Weddings! -James D

New Auto Light Dep Greenhouse Photos

Just a really quick post to share some new photos. We got these from one of our first 10 customers- who came back again for more this year! Since these guys were in the "prototype" group, and our first customers who gave us a shot before the rest of you did, we have special place in our heart for them. Plus- they share their photos! Take a look.

This is an Auto Light Deprivation Greenhouse from Humboldt Light Dep right before one of the 2017 replants. Please note the photos may include accessories that are not included with our Auto Light Dep Greenhouse package (including the cute pups). Please be sure to check out the product page for a full list of what is included or request a quote by emailing james@humboldtlightdep.com.

If you have photos you want to share you can share your hard work by using one of these ways:
-Hash-tagging the photos on Instagram #humboldtlightdep
-Tagging us on Instagram (@humboldtlightdep)
-Email them to james@humboldtlightdep.com

Be sure to let us know if you want credit for your photos or if you would prefer to remain anonymous!

Yearly Overview & Scheduling for Light Dep Growers

I'm writing this post because I've recently realized that there are some growers out there, for whatever reason (newbies, perpetually on a Caribbean vacation, too much sampling of their own product) who don't have a broad plan of what they should be doing each month of the year to achieve their goals. 

James addressed the topic of scheduling in his Harvest Calendar (which you can download here). But this calendar only addresses what you should be doing in your light dep garden (cuttings, transplants, dep covering, flowering & harvest) during 9 months of the year. The calendar does not include the ideal times you should be devoted to developing infrastructure.

We saw this happen a lot during late winter and early summer of this year (February- June 2016). Growers would call in a panic needing greenhouses two-weeks ago because they didn't plan ahead and had plants they needed flipped ASAP. The problem is, aside from the fact we don't have a time machine, there were many, many, many growers who needed our greenhouses yesterday. So there was a bit of a production backlog because the demand was so high. Spring is for growing NOT building! So I'm outlining this calendar to (hopefully) help the manufacturing bottleneck and give a broad overview of what the yearly cycle on a cannabis farm looks like.

The following yearly overview is based on a few assumptions:
Harvesting 3x/ year. Regionally dependent (we're pacific northwest biased). Infrastructure is defined as: building greenhouses, water tanks, water sources, running water line, building beds, filling pots, running electricity, hauling in soil & fertilizer, automating watering, automating your light dep greenhouse, etc.


Take receipt of goods & orders placed in Dec. of previous year. Begin building infrastructure.


Begin cultivation processes. Finish building infrastructure


Continue cultivation processes. Start testing infrastructure > fix problems.


Continue cultivation process. Fix problems as they arise and make a list of potential improvements.


Continue cultivation process.


Continue cultivation process.


Continue cultivation process.


Continue cultivation process.


Continue cultivation process.


End cultivation processes. Start clean up.


Determine what needs to be changed for existing infrastructure and what new systems need to be put in place for next season. Start research on products & companies you want to work with next year.


Vacation. Spend time with family & friends. Continue research. Buy/put in orders for the products you want to use. Contact Us for your Auto Light Dep needs.