Intro to Light Dep (aka Light Deprivation)

Mimicking the fall light conditions to force flowering in plants is what light deprivation is. Light deprivation is more commonly known as light dep. If you have heard the term and were wondering what it means, well, there you have it. I’ll explain light deprivation in a way that actually makes sense. 

More Background on Light Dep...

All light deprivation really is, is the act of tricking the plants into “thinking” that it is the Fall season. When the plant senses that Fall has arrived it starts producing a massive amount of flowers to produce seed. Tricking the plant into thinking it is Fall is done by manipulating the exposure to darkness by covering your greenhouse with light proof plastic (aka dep tarps, blackout plastic, panda plastic). Days get shorter in the Fall and nights get longer. You can make long nights in any season by controlling the hours your plants are exposed to the sunlight and then covering them with a dep tarp to mimic the longer nights.

Basically the plant “knows” that winter is coming and death will soon follow so it needs to produce as many flowers as possible in order to produce as many seeds as possible. The seed represents genetic security and a future for the plants genes. Does the plant know that its gonna die? I couldn’t tell you. However the way that it starts making flowers sure does support the idea that it knows it doesn’t have long for this world! 

Unfortunately for the plant (and fortunately for you) there will be no seed produced. Instead the plant will produce the stickiest of the icky, yummy, delicious, and valuable bud. Yaay! Hustlers and renegade entrepreneurs will understand exactly what that means. 

so what does light dep mean to you?

Simply put, light dep is an opportunity for those who are interested in putting in some hard work to get in an early crop or two.

Read on for the Top Three benefits of light dep >>>

Security. Light deprivation is also for those who want security. For those who understand that waiting until the Fall to harvest is a risky business. There are so many things that could go wrong over the long season like disease, fire, rip-offs, forgetting to water, and a visit from the police. That’s just to name a few.

Light dep is way to mitigate those possible dangers by bringing in an early harvest, so that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. By using our knowledge and understanding of the plant's behavior we are able to make nature work for us.

Maximize Space & Save Time. The only way to maximize your grow area is to harvest multiple times per year in that location. Light deprivation is the only way to do that and to use the free energy that the sun offers to us on a daily basis.

Light dep is the way to work with what nature freely provides and to maximize your annual yield. You will be able replant after harvesting, the next day. This is a common practice. Harvest, replant, wait a week or two to let the plants establish themselves, and start depping! 8-10 weeks later you harvest again. Do you see the benefits of that? Can you imagine what that would do for you? If not maybe you should.

Indoor Benefits Without the Cost. Light deprivation offers many of the benefits of indoor growing without the massive drawbacks of space and expense. You control when you harvest and the quality of light dep bud is comparable to indoor. No longer do you have to pay the electric company massive amounts of money, or buy tons of equipment and you are no longer limited to a small indoor space.

You now have the ability to grow in larger areas, harvest more and pay less to do it. Seriously, why wouldn’t you start light depping? I can understand if you don’t have the space to do it, however, if you have the space you should start today. Sorry, started rambling there for a moment, I got excited.

How to get started with light dep...

The way to do light deprivation is to build a frame or greenhouse around your plants (or you could check out our Auto Light Dep Greenhouses or Auto Light Dep Retrofit Kits). Then you cover the frame or greenhouse with a lightproof tarp so that your plants receive 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness.  This will trigger your plants to start flowering. By the third week you should notice a lot of flowers starting show on your plants. By week 8-10 you will be done and ready to start again. It is a lot of work but the benefits are worth it.

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