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How to Harvest plan and schedule 3 Harvests in one year

Attention: Growers Looking To End The Struggles Of Only Harvesting Once A Year

This calendar shows you when to start and finish your 1st run. All the way through 2 more runs!

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Are you tired of struggling day in and day out to make it from one year to the next? Are you fed up with living in the feast and famine mode?

The we have great news for you! In this ground breaking FREE calendar, Humboldt Light Dep's head minion James Defenbaugh created this calendar just for you. It reveals the "secret" path to harvesting 3 times a year that will transform your life from constant struggle to growing success. And it lays it out so you can do it too!

In this calendar you learn:

  • When to start your first run so you'll finish at the right time
  • When to transplant for optimal growth
  • How to stagger your runs so you can maximize your production
  • When to start you light breaking to keep your plants vegging
  • When to take cuttings so they are ready for the next stage

All you have to do click the "CLAIM YOUR FREE CALENDAR" and enter your name and email and we'll send it right over to you