Engineered auto light dep greenhouse

Multiple widths and lengths available

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This Auto Light Dep Greenhouse was designed by a structural & Electrical engineer to:

be used on or off grid- choose from an AC or DC option
maximizing your grow space to maximize your harvests
meet your wind and snow loads

Each Engineered Greenhouse is custom designed to meet your needs and requirements:
Every county has different building requirements, such as snow loads, wind loads or elevation challenges. And not to mention each grow location has it's own unique challenges such as: slopes, weather, and accessibility. Because of these distinct requirements all our engineered greenhouses need to be custom designed, which also means that each engineered greenhouse has a custom price.

Local codes and code interpretations vary greatly between areas, and even within offices, so it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure compliance, but we get you most of the way there!

To get started click the black button below, print the questionnaire and take it to your local county building and planning department and get these questions answered.

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Additional Info/Specs:
- 200 Watts required
- AC or DC. AC plugs into an electrical outlet. DC can be used with car batteries wired in series.
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