Do you want to harvest multiple times a year?


Tired of only harvesting once a year and getting rock bottom prices because the market is over saturated?

Fed up with other comapnies overcharging growers?

We understand because we've been there too.

-Introducing our NEW-



Engineer Designed

Auto Light Dep Greenhouses & Retrofit Kits

Our Automatic Light Deprivation products are designed to:

Be a rugged equipment-reliable as the sun.

Withstand various regional growing climates & weather.

Be the BEST value on the market.

Be a Do-It-Yourself system that is easily installed.

Be used ON or

Here's what others are saying:

What would harvesting multiple times a year mean for you?

Think about these two questions for a minute >>>

1. How much bigger would your bottom line be if you could harvest at least 3X per year? Our Auto Light Dep products allow you to do just that.

2. If you didn't have to pay someone to pull tarp on a manual dep how much $$$ could you save? Automation is the key to easy, effective & efficient light dep growing. And we've got it.

Sure, you’ll see great results in the garden. But really it’s your bottom line that will be thanking you. And you’ll be thanking yourself for using one of our Auto Light Dep Greenhouses or our Auto Light Dep Retrofit Kit.

Want to harvest multiple times a year?

Seriously, do we even have to ask this question? 
Of course you want to harvest multiple times a year! Using our Auto Light Dep Greenhouse makes harvesting 3X a year EASY.

Here is how our Auto Light Dep Greenhouse can help you harvest 3X a year (at least!):

  • Simulate the change of seasons by having our Auto Light Dep Greenhouse automatically cover & uncover your plants at your pre-selected and programmed times each day.
  •  When you use our Auto Light Dep Greenhouse to create shorter days and longer nights you can get your plants to start producing flowers as they would naturally in the fall. This lets you reap the rewards year round!

Don’t wait for fall to harvest! Why not harvest in Spring and Summer as well as Fall!

But let the results speak for themselves. check out one of our customers who is killin it' this year!

Check out his results using one of our 24x98' Auto Light Dep Greenhouses below.

Unreliable help a pain in the ass and Costing you too much $$$?

Or are you tired of having to pull tarp 2X/day?
Have our Automatic Light Dep Greenhouse pull the tarp for you!

Come rain, sleet or snow this bad boy will be there every day.  No last minute trips to town to visit friends and scrambling to get shifts covered! 

You COULD set up a manual light dep greenhouse, get out of bed at the crack of dawn, struggle with lifting the tarp over an 8 foot or taller greenhouse & be tethered to the hill 24/7.
But that would suck. And don’t even think about paying someone else to do it! You’ll risk having your greenhouse covered & uncovered inconsistently.

Think it’s no big deal to cover & uncover your greenhouse at inconsistent times?
Covering & uncovering your greenhouse at inconsistent times can cause sparse flowers or cause your plants to turn into hermaphrodites.

That is why the precise control of our Auto Light Dep Greenhouse is not just a “nice to have”. It’s a necessity.

Want to get to market before everyone else?

You know what REALLY SUCKS?
Waiting a whole year to pull in your harvest only for something to go wrong at the last minute.
When you’ve finally fixed the issue and got your shit together you get to market only to realize
that it’s been saturated with too much product and the bottom has dropped out.
Yeah- that REALLY sucks.

By using our Auto Light Dep Greenhouse you can start your season earlier in spring.
This ensures you will be able to harvest before everyone else. 
And cash in on those premium prices!

Your success is our SUCCESS. So we've got you covered with:

1 year warranty on motors and controllers.

30 day full refund return policy.

Installation or operation trouble shooting with the product designer.

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